How Do You Know You Need To Hire A Crime Cleanup Company

crime scene cleanup

Crime cleanup companies are businesses specialized in the removal of the pathogens resulting from violent crimes, such as blood or other bodily fluids as well as other hazardous materials associated with crime scenes. Fortunately, violent crimes and suicides that require clean up by a specialized company are not very frequent, so crime cleanup companies usually handle other situations in which decontamination requires a special approach as well. Here are some things to know about the scenarios that are efficiently handled by crime cleanup companies.

The Crime Sites of Violent Events

As the name of the company type shows, the cleaning and sanitization of sites where violent crimes have taken place are what these special companies are really specialized in. Crime scene cleanup teams start work right after the forensic team has left, they put on their specialized personal protective equipment, then they perform the cleaning and the removal of the pathogens with the help of specialized chemicals and devices, such as high-capacity steam cleaners. At the end of the process, the cleaning staff will collect all the contaminated materials and dispose of them in a safe way that is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Clean Up After Floods or Vents That Involve Burst Sewage Pipes

Natural disasters that involved the contamination of residential, commercial or industrial spaces with sewage water or with flood water are also on the list of the situations handled by crime cleanup companies. The cleanup process is very similar to the process used at crime scenes, but it usually involves a step of drying with the help of high-capacity ventilators.

Cleaning Up the Spaces in Which Hoarders Collect Their Items

The mental problem that manifests in the form of the urge to collect high amounts of items that are usually useless or have very little material value is very common and causes problems at many levels, one of them being the health risks. Crime clean up companies usually handle the requests to clean the spaces used by hoarders to pile the things they collect. The first step of the cleaning process is usually the removal of the collected objects, either followed by the cleaning of those objects or by disposal among safe circumstances.

The next phase is the actual cleaning with the help of specialized chemicals and heavy-duty cleaning machines to remove not only visible dirt, but also invisible pathogens. In the final phase, the cleaning team will apply some sort of deodorization solution, leaving every inch of the area perfectly clean and free from germs.

Industrial Cleanup

Many crime cleanup companies also handle the situations resulting from industrial accidents, such as the accidental spills of dangerous materials. When hired for such projects, cleanup companies first determine the best approach to use to neutralize the contamination and to restore the safety of the affected site, then they will perform the cleaning using the most suitable materials and devices, ensuring the safety of the environment not only after the cleanup is complete, but also during the process.