How to Choose the Best Material for Your Colorado Deck

 A couple of decades ago, the most common and, very often, the only material option available for outdoor decks in Colorado was pine – a variety of wood that can provide durability if maintained properly. But that is just one out of the many options to choose from right now in Colorado. If you are currently in the process of picking the best material for your deck in the Centennial state, here are some of the factors that you need to consider and a few tips about the most suitable solutions.

Aspects To Consider When Picking Your Deck Material

Building a deck requires work and an investment that you probably want to protect, therefore the first and most important factor to take into consideration when picking your material is durability. How long your deck will be able to serve you depends on how well your material is able to stand up to local weather, so your ideal choice is a material that can withstand harsh Colorado winters, hot local summers, strong UV radiation, insect attacks as well as excessive moisture.

The other important factor to consider when choosing your material is the costs. Some materials, such as the well-known and rightly popular pine, are quite affordable, while other materials will require more of a financial effort.

When picking your deck material, you should also consider aspects of maintenance. Not all available options require the same amount of maintenance work – with some options, all you need to do is a little cleaning every now and then, while with others, you need to be prepared to put in quite some energy.

Deck materials are also different in terms of aesthetic appeal and style. Most materials come in a variety of design and style options, so the choice should not be very difficult, provided that your choice matches the style of your building.

Custom Deck Builders

The Most Common Deck Materials to Choose From

Custom Deck Builders tell us that these are some of the most popular and most widespread options for outdoor decks in Colorado:

  • Pine – usually made available in the form of pressure-treated boards, pine is an inexpensive and easy to handle material that provides aesthetic value if maintained properly. If the option appeals to you, be prepared that your pine deck will need to be sealed and cleaned every year and that the material might require your attention during the year as well;
  • Cedar – the wood variety is naturally resistant to rot and an excellent, low-maintenance and durable option for Colorado decking;
  • Composite – made from recycled materials, such as wood waste and plastics, composite boards are usually manufactured to look exactly like natural wood. Composite is a low maintenance material that is very affordable, too, but you must also know that the material can get very slippery in moist weather and it needs special fastening solutions that usually step up the price;
  • Metal – if you don’t need the cozy appearance of wood, metal decking makes an excellent, very durable and affordable solution that gives you all the benefits of one of the strongest building materials used today.