Shipping Container Rental – How It Works and Why It Can Be the Perfect Solution for You

Shipping container rental companies can help you solve all your storage needs quickly, efficiently and without high costs. The metal containers offered by rental companies are weather-tight boxes that can be dropped at the location where you need storage, then can be easily removed when you no longer the extra storage space – all you need to be able to receive the container is suitably sized level ground and you can use the box for storing whatever you need to, for as long as you need it and this convenience is just one out of the great benefits of rented containers.


Getting Just the Right Amount of Space


With shipping container rentals, you can have the storage space you need, not more, not less – here are the most common container sizes:


  • 5’ x 5’ boxes – the size of a small hall closet, these boxes are the smallest available;
  • 5’ x 10’ units – large enough to take up the contents of a walk-in closet,
  • 10’ x 10’ compartments – suitable for storing whatever can go into a one-bedroom apartment and the most sought-for size of them all,
  • 10’ x 30’ boxes – still a standard size, but so large they can take up the contents of a family home.


Besides these sizes, rental companies offer non-standard boxes as well, so if you have special storage needs, ask around, chances are you will be able to get the perfectly sized container.


Other Features Made Available by Shipping Container Rental Companies


Standard storage containers Colorado Springs has to offer are simple metal boxes made from 12-gauge or 14-gauge corrugated steel and fitted with one or two entrances and weather-proof features, but if you have special conditions for the items you want to move into the unit, you must know that you can find the right box for these special situations as well. Special boxes come with special features that include the following:


  • Lighting – if you need to use your storage container not only during the day, but at night as well, you can find containers that have lighting inside,
  • Special locks – if you need more protection for your valuables, you can find boxes with special fasteners, locks and padlocks,
  • Alarms – if you want to make sure the contents of your container are in perfect safety, request a box fitted with an alarm system,
  • Furnished – if you want to multiply the space you get inside the container, you can rent a container that comes with racks and shelves inside,
  • Most containers come with cargo doors as standard, but if roll-up doors suit you better, you can ask for units with that type of door as well,
  • Extra insulation – if you need the air inside the container to stay as stable as possible and you need constant humidity as well, you can ask for a box with special insulation.


You can expect similar flexibility and variety when it comes to paying for your shipping container– monthly billing is the standard, but many companies offer daily and weekly rates as well.