Suggestions For Successful Mixes Between Splendid Granite Counters And Complementary Kitchen Cabinets

For people in Denver, kitchen cabinets are a very important part of one’s kitchen, and they go hand in hand with the countertops, which is why it is important to coordinate the style and colors between the two, in order to avoid any unfortunate mishap and ruin the aspect of your kitchen.

Here are few ideas on how you can assort your cabinets and your counters to give off a great style and vibe:

  • A white kitchen, the classic in everyone’s dictionary, is perfect when you combine a type of white granite (the so-called „Bianco Romano”, featuring white, cream, bordeaux and gray shades) with light-colored cabinets, usually in warm white, beige or pure white. Add here a couple of nickel or bronze fixtures and you will get that out-of-the-catalogue look, unmatched and everlasting. Add a Bianco Romano countertop to cabinets made of walnut and medium oak, and you will get a homey look, cozy and warm, ready to invite you to cook something which will satisfy your desire.


  • A rusty kitchen, more connected to nature, can be obtained by mixing green granite with stain-grade cabinets, completed by bronze or copper utensils. This type of granite, called seafoam granite, has an earthy color, mixed with gray and brown. It is very pleasing and relaxing to the eyes and features geometric shapes inside the structure, which is why people love it. A similar combination can be an excellent turnout if you combine this type of seafoam granite with white painted cabinets – the feeling of home gets amplified by a mile!


  • If you want the warmth of the kitchen to engrave in your mind at all times, you can pick a combination between granite which is a shade of Bordeaux (the so-called ”Typhoon Bordeaux”, featuring tones of brick red, cream, brown and grey) and walnut or mahogany cabinets, which will bring your kitchen at the state of the art. For a similar cabinet color, you can also choose cherry wood or oak, while the floor must definitely have red undertones for a perfect match!


  • For a feel of the ocean, choosing a shade of grey and blue granite with white painted cabinets and nickel utensils can be dreamy. For a darker option, go with the combination between the type of granite called Costa Emeralda and stain-grade kitchen cabinets – it will give your cooking sanctuary a more masculine look, as opposed to the previous option, which is more feminine.


  • Black is always the classic color – for a splendid contrast, choose to combine black granite and pure white painted cabinets – the effect will be spectacular! Throw nickel or bronze fixtures in the equation, and you will get an unforgettable look for your kitchen. Avoid purchasing a dyed black granite and focus instead on buying a naturally colored one, even if it may be more expensive – the test of time will tell you have made the right choice!

Keep these tips in mind when choosing kitchen cabinets Denver dealers offer and counters for a splendid kitchen you’ll love to spend time in.