The Most Common Uses for A Skid Steer

Skid steers are among the most common types of construction equipment – whatever type of building or landscaping site you look at, you will probably see at least one of these relatively small and versatile machines working hard. If your company is planning to undertake a project that requires extensive land work or demolition, here are some of the most common uses of skid steers.

Material Moving

If your project involves the movement of large quantities of material, such as soil or debris, a skid steer is just the piece of equipment that you need to do the job quickly. Skid steers being relatively small, they can be used in places that would be too tight for large equipment to navigate, such as in backyards.

Digging Work

Another very common task that skid steers are used for is digging in situations when the work would be too much to handle manually, but too small for an excavator. Skid steers are available with a variety of attachments that make them suitable for digging into hard packed soil or into rocky soil.

Gripping and Grabbing

With the help of the right type of attachments, you can easily transform your skid steer into a piece of equipment suitable for precision grabbing and gripping. This quality makes skid steers great for landscaping work as well as for farming jobs that require the pulling of logs.

Snow Removal

Skid loaders are machines that can be used the year around, not only from spring through autumn, but also in winter. They can be equipped with augers and other types off attachments that make them suitable for removing fresh and fluffy snow as well as hard packed snow and ice. Paired with snow blowers, skid steers can do an excellent service, clearing even the last snowflake in tight places, such as pathways or driveways.

Suitability For a Variety of Terrain Conditions

Skid steers are available in wheeled varieties as well as in types that run on tracks. Wheeled models work better on hard and even ground, such as on hard packed soil or concrete, while the varieties that use tracks are more suitable for difficult terrain conditions, such as for moving on soft soil, in mud or snow.


Skid steers are also great for a variety of demolition projects, being especially recommended for projects that involve the demolition of smaller buildings or of individual walls. The compact construction of skid steers comes handy with these projects as well, making the machines suitable for navigating tight places inside as well as outside.


The right type of accessory can easily transform a skid steer into an efficient mower. With the help of rotary brush cutters, your skid steer can be used for cutting tall grass that has woody stems as well as for clearing larger areas of thick vegetal debris.

Other Types of Agricultural Work

Tilling, moving straw bales and cleaning barns and stables are also quicker and easier with a small skid steer fitted with the right type of header.

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