What Are the Uses of Commercial Roof Coatings?

Commercial Roof Coating Are Necessary

Roof coating products are designed to be sprayed or rolled onto roof surfaces to weatherproof the roof, to enhance its performance and to prolong its lifespan. Here is what roof coating products are used for in more detail and how they fulfil their roles.

Protection from the Harmful Effects of Water

Water is one of the worst enemies of any roof, especially in the case of flat roofs. The flatter the roof, the poorer its drainage capacities and the more prone it becomes to water ponding. Whatever material flat roofs are made from, prolonged exposure to water weakens the roof’s surface, causing leaks through which water seeps into the deeper layers of the roof, damaging important structural components and causing the premature failure of the roof.

Roof coating products are made from durable, water-resistant materials that can efficiently prevent water-related roof damage, such as leaks and structural damage. The coating material is usually sprayed or rolled onto the roof, forming a monolithic, seamless layer that prevents the penetration of water. The method of application uses no fasteners, which also means that the coating is not punctured with nails or screws, so there are no holes through which water could enter.

Protection from UV Radiation

Solar radiation is another one of nature’s forces that puts roofs to the test. The sun’s UV rays can cause the roof’s color to fade and it can also decompose the roofing material, weakening and aging it before time. If you need a coating for your commercial roof because your facility is located in a climate area where the roof is exposed to harsh solar radiation for prolonged periods, check the UV-resistance of the product that you have in mind – some coatings provide limited UV stability, therefore they work better in mild climates, but there are some, such as silicone, that have been designed to withstand even the strongest sunshine.

Energy Efficiency

Another important role of roof coatings is to enhance the roof’s ability to form an efficient energy barrier between the building interior and the outdoor environment. While the air inside the building that you have heated or cooled can escape through your doors and your windows, the roof is a much larger surface, therefore an improperly sealing roof surface is the biggest culprit for energy waste. Commercial roof coatings installed by commercial roofing Chicago experts offer a great solution for this issue as well: they enhance the roof’s energy-efficiency, sealing it and reinforcing it, preventing energy exchange through the roof. Roof coatings also come in many different colors, allowing you to choose light colors, even white, for facilities in really hot areas, thus reducing the heat absorbed by your roof and increasing your building’s energy efficiency even further.

Curb Appeal

Treating your faded roof with a coating product of the right color is a great way to refresh the appearance of your building without expensive roof replacement. Most coatings come in a wide range of colors and numerous manufacturers offer custom color services as well, giving you exactly the shade you want.