How to Choose from the Available Residential Fencing Options – Aspects to Consider

If you are currently in the process of choosing a fencing solution that will suit the features of your property as well as your requirements in terms of functionality and design, you probably know already that there are numerous residential fencing Denver area options that you can choose from, so here are a few criteria that you can take into consideration to make the choice easier.


Neighborhood Restrictions


Many districts and neighborhoods, especially areas with lots of historic buildings have regulations regarding the type, size and color of the fence you can install. Make sure you consult these regulations, find out if you are required to obtain any permits for the installation and it is a good idea to inform your closest neighbors about your intention to install a fence.




When you calculate the costs of your fence, include the price of the material, of the workmanship as well as the costs of the maintenance and eventual repairs:


  • Synthetic materials such as vinyl or PVC are the most durable and they require very little or no maintenance, but they are a bit more complicated and costly to install
  • Wood is attractive and affordable, but it needs to be maintained at least twice a year
  • Wrought iron is the most elegant and the most expensive fencing material that needs special techniques to install and has high maintenance needs as well
  • Aluminum fences are cheap and they require almost no maintenance at all, but their functionality is limited, being recommended more as a material for decorative fencing that for protection
  • Chain link fences are also cheap and durable options, but they are not very attractive, so they are used mainly as a solution for backyards or they are concealed with hedges or shrubbery.


What You Want to Achieve with the Fence


  • If you want your fence to delimitate your property, but you don’t need it to provide protection against intruders or prying eyes, you can use wood or synthetic materials to stay on the cheap side
  • If you want decorative fencing, choose aluminum or vinyl to add aesthetic appeal to your property
  • If you need protection against peeping, but you can do without enhanced security, choose wood or vinyl – you can have tall panels that will block any view of your property
  • If you need protection against trespassers, choose wood or wrought iron – the later solution will not stop passers-by to peep in, but it will certainly prevent them from jumping in
  • If you need a fence to keep children or pets confined in the yard, you can use any type of material as long as the fence is tall and solid enough. If you need to contain pets, it is a good idea to go for a design that in the lower section features solid fencing material that pets cannot chew or dig their way through and is attached directly to the ground to prevent your dog or rabbit from escaping between the panels.


Keep these aspects in mind and you will be able to choose the best fit for you.