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What Are the Best Roofing Products to Use in Colorado?

Denver roofing

If you are currently looking for the best roofing material to use on your new roof or to replace your old roof structure in Colorado, the range of Denver roofing options is so wide that the abundance can be confusing. Here are some aspects that you need to consider when picking your material and some of the best solutions for the special conditions in the Centennial State.

Criteria to Use When Picking Your Roofing Material for Colorado

There are many aspects that should determine your final material choice:

  • Durability – each type of roofing material comes with a different lifespan. Standard asphalt shingles are usually warranted for around 20 years, metal panels can sit on your roof for around 40 years, while clay and cement tiles can be relied on to live for up to a century;
  • Weather-resistance – depending on the region that your property is located in in Colorado, your roof will need to withstand different types of weather. When choosing your roofing material, pick a material that can stand up to the particular types of extreme weather that affects your area;
  • Insulation and energy efficiency – whether your property is located in an arid desert area or in the mountains, your roofing material will need to prevent the energy exchange between your building interior and the outdoors. To achieve that, you will need proper insulation in the attic area and also a material offers proper ventilation and that does not absorb heat, such as clay or cement tiles;
  • Pricing – the cheapest roofing materials on the market are asphalt shingles, followed by metal panels and shingles, while slate, clay and cement tiles are the most expensive solutions.

Materials that Work Best in Colorado

Here are some of the most popular choices for Colorado:

  • Asphalt shingles – the material might be vulnerable to extreme weather, but it is affordable, versatile, easy to install and to maintain;
  • Metal – the range of alloys used for making metal roofing materials is very wide, ranging from aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper to varieties coated with zinc and other substances that enhance weather resistance. Metal roofing systems are also quick and easy to install and they need very little maintenance;
  • Clay and cement tiles – these materials are more expensive than the others, but their superior durability, low repair and maintenance needs and attractive, classic appearance make them very popular in Colorado;
  • Green roofs – these special structures are covered in vegetation and fitted with special irrigation and drainage systems to ensure a suitable environment for the plants. The solution makes a durable and resistant roof and it also improves the quality of the air inside the building and around it;
  • Synthetic materials – these materials are used mostly on buildings that use flat roofs. The options include spray foam and various rubberized materials, such as TPO or EPDM, all of them affordable and suitable for the weather conditions in Colorado, for properties located at higher altitudes as well as for the ones in arid regions.