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The Most Important Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

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Choosing the right windows for your new installation or replacement project is no small task – there are so many factors to consider that the selection process might feel truly overwhelming. One of the aspects to make up your mind about is the material of the frame – a feature that will determine most other aspects, including aesthetic appeal, price, durability and energy-efficiency. Fiberglass is a relative newcomer on the window solutions market, but it already enjoys great popularity, thanks to its many qualities, here are some.  Make sure to look for window replacement near me for convenience sake.


Strength and Durability

Made from a combination of shredded glass, resins and additives, fiberglass is a lightweight, but extremely durable material that is about eight times as strong as vinyl. This superior strength makes the material suitable for making very thin frames that support multiple windowpanes, even in very large applications.

Fiberglass is not only strong – it can also stand up to the elements very efficiently for up to 50 years even among harsh climate conditions. Fiberglass frames can maintain their color even in the strongest sunshine and they will not crack or warp when exposed to hail, wind, snow and rain. Fiberglass is also impervious to pest attacks, being a safe choice for areas where termites and other insects or rodents are a threat.

Not Prone to Leaks

Energy and water leaks are common problems with windows. The issue is usually caused by the exposure of the window to thermal extremes that cause the materials in the window to expand and to shrink periodically. Fiberglass windows contain glass, the same material as the panes, which means that the assembly will shrink and expand together, without developing gaps that might leak energy as well as water.

Visual Appeal

Another feature that makes fiberglass such an outstanding option for window frames is the material’s suitability to executing almost any design as well as for tinting and for creating textures. Fiberglass windows come in an immense variety of styles and designs, from very thing frames that hold large, undivided panes to varieties composed by many small squares of glass. Fiberglass frames also come in many colors, even in styles that imitate natural wood, making it possible for homeowners to choose the window style and design that best matches their architectural design.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass has excellent insulation qualities, therefore the frames that use it can significantly reduce the energy exchange between the building interior and the exterior. With window frames made from fiberglass, the cooling and heating appliances installed the building can keep the air inside cool in summer and warm in winter without having to work too hard, which means that fiberglass frames lower overall property ownership costs not only by forming an efficient thermal barrier, but also by prolonging the life of the HVAC equipment.


Fiberglass frames are more expensive than the frames made from vinyl, but cheaper than aluminum or natural wood. If you add the material’s superior longevity and the other great features to your calculations, you will see that fiberglass frames are worth the investment.